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    You can elect to get a check mailed to you, direct deposit into your bank account or loaded onto a card automatically.. Payments are made monthly for the previous months transactions. You get paid every month.

    We believe you have as much right to make money as the big pharmacy chains.  As an affiliate with our program there is no cost to you now or EVER. Not only do other companies pay you less but they charge you an initiation and monthly fee. We believe that our affiliates should have to invest $0 so there is no risk to them.

    Our goal was to get our discount card spread nationwide. To accomplish that, we have to pay our reps the most in the industry and our card has to provide the greatest discount. We study and research every possible way to get our reps making the most money possible.  We have many ideas, methods & strategies that ensure success. Some make more, some make less but everyone makes money with us.

    Everyone makes money with us, however certain backgrounds have more success.
    Pharmacy employees are uniquely positioned to succeed with this business. Their experience and understanding of pharmacy as well as relationships with primary care providers makes them 100% guaranteed to make money as an affiliate with us.
    Do you work in a doctors office or dentist's office?  Handing these out to all patients or including them as a permanent comment in e-scribes will ensure success and is a great way to get your cards out there and saving people money.
    You can come from any walk of life and with us you can create a passive income stream that you never thought possible.