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    I remember getting paid 3 times my hourly wage to cover any number of understaffed pharmacies in my area.  Times have changed and it is critical we adapt to protect our livelihood.  Pharmacists are now in a surplus. Paycuts and lower starting wages are happening everywhere.  It is critical that you diversify your income and not depend on the mercy of your single employer.

    I started this discount card business because I realized how vulnerable I was.  I saw fellow co-workers get fired over disagreements with store managers or other very minor things.  One pharmacist friend could not find a pharmacy job and stocked shelves at costco for 20 months before finding pharmacy employment.

    I wanted to create a side business to diversify my income, I looked at rentals, storage units, stock investing and many others.  I heard a quote that rang true to me “leverage what you know” I know retail pharmacy inside and out.  I truly dislike how more than half of healthcare dollars are given to those who don’t actually provide any care (ins companies, hospital administrators, etc)  I thought it would be great to redistribute some of those healthcare dollars back to the front lines of health care.  When you use your own discount cards that you make on my site, you are redistributing healthcare dollars from GoodRx to you the pharmacist who takes care of his patients.  You already use discount cards dozens & dozens of times a day.  Why should everyone else get paid and not you? You have just as much right to make an income on services YOU provide.

    In a few short months you can easily establish a significant income stream that comes from a new source that you created entirely on your own by “leveraging what you know”

    P.S. My pharmacist friend who was unemployed for 20 months stocking shelves at Costco is currently a pharmacy manager at a major retail chain. He’s going on his 3rd year of using my proven strategies with his discount cards he made on www.pharmacyjobopportunities.com.  He currently gets paid about 2k a month from his discount cards and it continues to grow.   Whats great is his story is pretty typical for my affiliates.  Sure there are some that bring in 20k a month but most are like my friend who just leveraging what he already knows, has successfully diversified his income and receives 2k a month in addition to his salary as a pharmacy manager.