Want to make more Money as a PHARMACIST OR TECHNICIAN?

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You have as much right to make money as the big pharmacy chains.

As a pharmacy employee you are uniquely positioned to succeed with this business. Use your pharmacy jobs experience to create unlimited income. Give them to churches, doctor offices, veterinary offices, dentists, friends and family. Your account will include a dashboard that has detailed daily statistics that include #of claims at each pharmacy, what meds, what states, average savings for patients, your commissions earned and more.

Do you want to increase your pharmacist salary?  Don’t wait for Walgreens, CVS etc. to cut your pay before you try to figure out a way to make extra income as a pharmacist.

Do you have a pharmacy job in New York city? Are you a pharmacist in Boston? Are you looking for a pharmacist job in Miami, Florida? How about a pharmacist in Philadelphia, pharmacist in Atlanta, pharmacist in Baltimore, pharmacist in Jacksonville, pharmacist in Tampa bay, pharmacist in San Francisco or Seattle?

My name is Robin and with my system I can help you make a succesful revenue stream and not be 100% at the mercy of your employer for your income.  What does a patient do when they present at the pharmacy with a script for Albuterol inhaler, phentermine, Virtussin, tessalon pearls, testosterone etc or they are uninsured?  They go to GoodRx and more often then not, you or one of your staff tells them to go there. GoodRx doesn’t pay you, I Will! Make your own cards, get them in Dr’s offices, have your Doctors add them as permanent comments on all e-scribes, put them in senior centers, dentists offices, Vet offices, recommend them to family & friends when they inevitably come to you about the cost of a drug.  You will receive an app that lets you know the exact cost of any med (Albuterol HFA $26.45, Phentermine #30 $17.50 etc).  Here are some examples of current pharmacists using my system:

“I wanted to increase my pharmacist salary, I live in New York and with this program I now earn $1300/month in additional income”

-Walgreens pharmacist

“I’m a pharmacy Manager for Walgreens in Orlando, I have not had a pharmacist pay raise in 6 years, with this program I earn $900/month by saving my patients money”

-Walgreens Pharmacy Manager

“Kroger reduced my hours 2 years ago, While looking for ways to make extra money I found Robin, and with her program I now earn $1200/month in passive income”

-Kroger pharmacist

“Working as a pharmacist for CVS in Los Angeles is very difficult and stressful, with this program after 3 years I was able to go part time with CVS as I now average $4500-$5500 in claims every month”

-CVS pharmacist

“I was very skeptical at first even putting in made up info when I signed up! After 3 months I had $1600 in my account. Robin really enjoys earning your trust and helping you succeed. It keeps growing and growing, I feel so much hope and excitement everyday, this was the best decision I have made in a long time.”

-Rite Aid pharmacist

-“In the first month with this pharmacy affiliate program I made $600 just doing what I do everyday”

-Walgreens pharmacist, Boston 

Do you want to increase your pharmacist salary and diversify your income at the same time?  My Program is relatively new to pharmacists and is not yet being widely used in the majority of the country.  If you are one the first few to start using it in your area it will almost take off on its own. If your a burned out pharmacist in Florida, New York, California, Texas, etc working for Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Rite Aid etc.  You will have new life breathed into you as you quickly realize the potential of whats in front of you.



Many affiliates have retired doing this business.

There are affiliates that make $200 month to 10K a month. Join us now and start saving patients money, make your company money, and best of all start the “math” of building your successful business.



    average 10 claims a day =300

    300 x $1.25 = $375



    average 10 claims a day = 300

    +75 refills from previous

    375 x $1.25 = $468



    average 10 claims a day = 300

    +75 refills from previous

    1125 x $1.25 = $1406

Keep in mind this was a minimal effort example!


By clicking sign up, and providing the needed information you will become an affiliate. After clicking a link in the confirmation email that you will immediately receive you will be in your own back office used to track your claims and much more.  Instantly you will have discount cards that have a group# that is your number and ensures you get paid when they are used. The cards you create are very competitive with Goodrx, Familywize etc. Ask us about our app so you can see prices on thousands of drugs.

Upon signing up, you can start processing claims immediately. Your information is secure and will not be shared or released to any person, business, organization etc. Its in my best interests to protect my affiliates. When you sign up through this link have peace of mind knowing your information is protected.

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